COVID-19 Updates

Hospitality House News Regarding COVID-19

Hospitality House will continue to keep our doors open to primary caregivers (living at least 50 miles away) for patients of any age. Guests living less than 50 miles away, should stay at their home. 

There is much to be done during this critical time as we are all learning what it looks like to continue showing Biblical Hospitality (brotherly love to strangers) to the most vulnerable and needy amongst us. 

We invite you to join us in our mission of providing a home away from home for families traveling in medical crisis. We need you. Our families need you. Will you show up for these families today?

How You Can Help

Help meet the needs of our neighbors traveling to Tulsa during a medical crisis. Every penny makes a difference during this critical time.

During times of economic uncertainty, our funding runs very low when our services are needed most. Please consider making a one-time or recurring gift of any amount that fits in your budget. 

With the shortage of many necessary supplies, our staff is in need of face masks while they continue  to serve guests on the front lines, clean guest rooms, and check families in and out of our home.

Whether you have a homemade casserole, a frozen lasagna, or another readymade meal, our families are in need of meals.


Drop off in our Welcome Center located at 1135 S. Victor Ave., Monday-Saturday 9am-4:30pm. We will meet you curbside to pick up the food. Please call ahead of time to schedule at (918) 794-0088 x250.