Home-like lodging in two convenient locations allow families to get adequate rest and care while being near their hospitalized loved one. 


Evening meals are provided by volunteers on an average of 4 nights per week. 


  • Transportation Assistance (to/from HHT & hospital)

  • Prayer Support

  • Community Connection

  • Health & Caregiving Education

Who Can Stay at Hospitality House?

Families of inpatients at any Tulsa-area hospital who live 30 miles away or greater.

Outpatients (with their caregivers) receiving treatment in Tulsa who live 50 miles away or greater. 

Hospitality House of Tulsa is the only medical lodging program in Oklahoma that serves: 

Inpatient's families and outpatients with their caregivers

Both pediatric and adult patients

Every Diagnosis category

  • COVID-19 Referral Criteria

    • Only guests able to visit the hospitalized patient are able to stay. Exceptions made on a case by case basis.

    • Guests that live 30 miles away or greater and have an adult inpatient are allowed to stay.

    • Outpatients and one primary caregiver that live 50 miles away or greater and are receiving daily treatments related to cancer, organ transplant, or dialysis, or other types of daily treatment are allowed to stay. 

    • Two primary caregivers of inpatient pediatric patients who live 30 miles away or greater are eligible to stay. 

    • If any guests wanting to check in have experienced the following situations, they will not be allowed to stay at Hospitality House.

      • Fever

      • Cough, or other respiratory symptoms

      • Traveled within the past 60 days

      • Have had known direct exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

See Our Home


1135 S. Victor Ave., Tulsa, OK 74104

Serving All Tulsa-Area Hospitals

13 family suites that include a living area, warming kitchen, bedroom and private bathroom. 

Day room available that includes napping room and handicap accessible shower.

Services Include:

  • Washer & Dryer Access

  • Phone & Internet

  • Snacks

  • Evening Meals (when provided by volunteers)

  • Prayer Support 

  • Community Connection